Chicago’s George the Salon in Elle Magazine


This is beauty news that can be beneficial to the men and women of Chicago. Ladies if you have been looking for a hair salon that can give you not only great service, but also the most popular styles. Look no further than George the Salon (23 West Hubbard). You don’t have to take my word for it though, listen to Elle Magazine who just named the River North salon one of the 100 best salons in America in its August 2013 issue. It was chosen because of its exquisite hairstyling and advanced approach to color and treatments.

And any husbands/boyfriends/sons reading this wondering how in the world this benefits them, listen closely. You now know where one of the best salons in the city is located. You can surprise your wife/girlfriend/mother with an appointment and show how thoughtful you truly are, which equals major brownie points for you. So to whomever is reading this, I would suggest picking up the phone and calling George the Salon at 312-923-9444 to make an appointment as soon as possible.