Man About Town: Mark Selden of Allstar Security and Consulting Inc.


 People say don’t do business with friends and family, but I say that I can’t do business unless I consider them friends or family!

Mark Selden is a self-made investor and telecommunications mogul. He is actively involved in a variety of businesses including telecom, restaurants, security and office supplies all while donating his time and resources to numerous philanthropic causes. Mark’s security company, Allstar Security and Consulting Inc., is known throughout the hospitality and entertainment industry as the go-to professional team for high-end and discrete ventures throughout the country. Mark currently resides in New York City with his wife, Carolyn.

7:30 Am I am woken up by a phone call from my business partner and brother, Cliff. My day begins with a 15 minute licking from my dog, Bubbalah.

7:45 AM After a debriefing from Cliff, I speak to Joe and Michael, my personal board of directors.

8:10 AM I read the New York Post to find out the scoop of everything in NYC, followed by The New York Times for the rest of the world’s news.

9:15 AM I arrive at the office and get updates from the telecom company. I follow up on issues and return calls.

10 AM I receive security updates of all of the previous day’s activities from the high-end retail stores, hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants and individuals.

11 AM I start hitting my real pace! Calls are flowing… I love talking to my customers! I consider them all family. People say don’t do business with friends and family, but I say that I can’t do business unless I consider them friends or family!

12 PM I eat lunch at my favorite spot in midtown, Nobu Fifty Seven, with a potential investment. The day gets better and better as it goes. I listen to a pitch for a new deal that sounds like it will take off. My passion is investing in great people!

12:30 PM I get call from my niece. She wants into Big Daddy’s (one of our investments) with her friends for lunch.

1:30 PM I head back to the office and back to work.

4:15 PM A bespoke suit maker comes to my office to fit me for new clothes. I may shop more than my wife, but don’t tell her or I wouldn’t be able to complain about her bills.

5:30 PM I’m back at my apartment for nap time. This is much needed because the second half of the day has just begun.

9 PM I head to dinner with friends at Raos. There’s nothing better! We feast on seafood salad, baked clams, roasted peppers, mozzarella carrozza, meatballs with orecchiette, rigatoni with pomodoro, shrimp parmigiana, lemon chicken and sausage and peppers. Anyone else want anything?!

11:30 PM I’m back to work. It’s time to make the rounds with Cliff on our nightlife accounts so I’ve got to transverse the city from the Financial District to Uptown.

2 AM All is great. It’s time for a drink with Cliff… Johnny Walker Blue time!

2:30 AM As I drift off to sleep, my final thought is that I can’t wait until tomorrow.