Lincoln’s ‘Hello Again’ Miami Tour


A creative new tour sponsored by Lincoln takes residents (and tourists) through the streets of Miami to get reacquainted with their city. Focusing on the Wynwood area, the tour stops at Gallery Drive curated by RAW in the back lot of MAPS (the famous Mobile Arts Production Studio); Panther Coffee, Miami’s craft coffee bean roasters; Chef Michael Chikany’s new restaurant, Shikany and the Wynwood Cigar Factory to check out a mural by Evocal and pick up a hand-rolled cigar or two. The selected stops aren’t by accident explains Wynwood Cigar Factory owner Robert Caldwell, “We’re a highlight as an American manufacturing. In addition to having a high-quality, luxury product, we pay a lot of attention to the packaging and cosmetics of it and they do too.” The tour will stop in other cities, getting a new audience acquainted with Lincoln and great American businesses.

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