23 Carat Cuisine At SoFi’s New Gold & Pepper

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South Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood has cemented itself as the chicest, most upscale section of the beach with the arrival of Gold & Pepper, which opened this week. The cozy restaurant, which only has space for 37 guests, coats many of its delicious Italian dishes by Chef Andrea Chiratti with 23-carat editable gold. Gold is luxuriously brushed on meats, blanketed on lobster, sprinkled on desserts and into Champagne flutes. Interesting as the gold is, it’s the food that steals the show. Chef Chiratti has worked at two renowned restaurants in Florence, Italy. His unforgettable dishes include raviolo, infused with a smooth veloute ricotta and a Tuna Fillet with poppy crust cooked in Vernaccia white wine, accompanied with steamed asparagus and 23 carat gold.

Owners Fabienne Corliano, Ilaria Re and Giorgio Rubini wanted to open a restaurant that featured the Italian cuisine they knew from their homeland made with top tier ingredients. What is not top tier? The prices. They are surprisingly affordable considering the quality of the food and, well, the gold.