New Andy Warhol Photography Exhibit Coming to NYC for 10 Days

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A new exhibit featuring photos of iconic artist Andy Warhol will open in NYC on May 3. Entitled “Lost Then Found,” the exhibit features unusual shots such as Warhol posing with a giant sunflower and backpack, or shown winking, with eyes closed and in close-up head shots, reports Reuters.

The “lost” images were discovered last year by a friend of photographer Steve Wood. “These photographs reveal a different Warhol than most of us have ever witnessed,” said Christopher Bollen, editor of Interview magazine, which Warhol founded in 1969. “It’s a testament to the photographer and an opportunity to re-assess his bearing as one of the most influential artists of the last century.”

Warhol’s foundation is a partner in the exhibition, which will take place at the temporary New York City gallery, 345 meatpacking.