Miami Institute Uses Powerful New Superfood Supplement… With Melons

GliSODin Product Image

The Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention is exactly that. The  sprawling practice located in The Four Seasons offers patients everything to combat aging from the inside out.  Cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry and even cutting edge stem cell therapies are available to help clients look their best. At the heart of the practice is Dr. Julio Gallo. One of the tools in his arsenal against aging is a new product line called GliSODin. One of the few doctors to carry the unique supplement, Dr. Gallo uses it in conjunction with the many services they offer.

GliSODin products were developed in Paris by a team of French dermatologists and is considered an edible beauty line “designed to feed skin from the inside out.” The most active ingredient is derived from a special melon that contains extremely high levels of the enzyme that fights against free radicals and aging. Haute Living sat down with the doctor to find out more.



Haute Living:  We would never guess that melons would be the next miracle fruit.

Dr. Gallo: The main component of the products is superoxide dismutase, which is an SOD, we call them. It’s an enzyme that decreases oxidative stress or is a free radical scavenger.  And the highest concentration is in these melons that they grow in France.  And, well you know the story- the melon that they put on a desk and there’s this melon and another fruit, and over a period of weeks the other fruit rots and turns to a fungus-infested, wrinkled, destroyed thing- and the melon stays fresh basically.  Why?  Because this melon has this very high concentration of this particular enzyme.  So that’s part of how they discovered it, and found it and they use it.  There is also natural krill oil, green tea extract, coffee extract and other natural products that boost the immune system and skin health.


HL: The more antioxidents the better, right?

Dr Gallo: Yes. The superoxide dismutase is their patented formula of this enzyme.  It’s well absorbed, and it has the ability to neutralize a million times its weight or product in oxidative stress.  So whereas you would have to eat a ton of blackberries or gallons and gallons of Pinot Noir to have the neutralizing affect on oxidation, this one molecule neutralizes a million times its own weight.  It’s very powerful.


HL: And the ingredients are all very natural.

Dr:  Yes.  People have called it the enzyme of life, they’ve called it a lot of different things- it’s really a strong…and we naturally produce it.  But sometimes, we overwhelm our body.  There’s only so much detox that the natural body can do.


HL: What is different about it from other supplements?

Dr: This product is really innovative because it’s probably the first nutricosmetic.  Well generally we are used to treating the skin from the outside, whether it be with lasers, peels, injections, etc.  This is one of the first products really to treat the skin from the inside.  The aging process is really that of inflammation, or oxidative stress.  We use it for healing after surgery.


HL: So it works in conjunction with your other treatments?

For patients that have treatments like lasers, surgery, to heal faster- it’s an ideal product. We like this one and the brightening version in terms of evening out pigmentation and just giving that fresh glow to the skin. I think it’s a great addition to our practice as a service to our patients. I think it helps them a lot with their general skin health.  Which is generally ignored as an organ.