Maison De LaCour’s Private Showing


In a very secret and private affair, local fashion house Maison De LaCour in conjunction with Luxury Management had an intimate event that where they presented their MDLC’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection with a short film included. This was truly a secret, if you weren’t invited, you had no idea it was happening, not even a whisper. They sent out black invitations to thirty hand selected guests with the explicit disclaimer that the details shouldn’t be shared.

The event was held in the screening room of the Public Hotel Chicago (1301 North State Parkway). They were personally presenting to the Chicago fashion set the collection that debuted this past February during New York Fashion Week. Guests of the event sipped on a custom cocktail called “Juju Only,” which was named after Maison De LaCour’s creative director and “Hennessy Black Spice,” a concoction straight from the mind of Benjamin Newby. There was footage of the NYFW show followed by models wearing the same designs in the screening room to give guests an up close and personal view of the collection. After all the fashion fun was done, guests made their way to Public’s Library Bar for a post celebration, not before receiving petite boxes of Vosges Haut-Chocolate as they exited the screening room. Don’t worry about not getting an invitation to the private event, you can still check out all of Maison De LaCour’s designs at

Photos: Foto by Mateo/