Discovering More of Storefront Company’s Dinner Series


I’ve been a fan of Storefront Company’s (1941 West North Avenue) Discovery Dinner Parties since the beginning. The Wicker Park’s ongoing series is an amazing place for anyone interested in the business as well as the eating of food. Sitting with experts and learning from them, while enjoying great food and drinks is an ideal way to spend any night. Usually I give out one event at a time and sometimes it may even be within a week of the dinner, but this time they have released information on the next three events. Tickets for each event are $79 each and that includes wine/beverage pairings. Tickets must be reserved in advance; you can do so by calling 773-661-2609.  The Discovery Dinner Series’ next three events with special guests are as follows:

Tuesday, April 30 –Double Cross Vodka

Indulge and imbibe in an evening of modern farm cuisine while learning about – and enjoying – the craftwork of this seven times distilled Slovakian Wheat vodka with expert Mike O’Connor.

Tuesday, May 14 – Goose Island Beer Company : Vintage Collection

Join Sarah Busen and Susan Wolcott in exploring Chicago’s own Goose Island Brewing’s five vintage brands, including the new Bourbon County Stout, perfectly paired with Chef Moscatello’s seasonal fare.

Tuesday, May 28 – 32 Via Dei Birrai

In true Discovery Dinner Party form, Storefront Company hosts an evening of international exploration as guests enjoy dinner paired with a line of newly imported Italian Beers, co-hosted by Importers Alberto Minardi, Zack Pass, and Miguel Silva. Dinner party guests will be amongst the first in the country to taste this special line of Italian craft brews.