Christian Gosselin Out As Boarding House Executive Chef


In surprising, but not so surprising news, Boarding House (720 North Wells) and Executive Chef Christian Gosselin has parted ways. It’s not surprising because the food was not really getting the recognition that the design and wine was, it wasn’t living up to expectations. It got trashed in a couple reviews and you knew something had to change. The review in Time Out Chicago was so brutal it ended with, “If I’m flailing here in describing Gosselin’s style, it’s because as far as I can tell, he doesn’t have one.” Ouch. I guess I’m a little surprised because the restaurant just opened in December, and I assumed Chef Gosselin would have a little more time to work on the menu and hopefully bring something better to the table. But apparently that’s not how it works and Bjorn Rasmussen, the second in command, has taken the title of chef de cuisine and will be working with the owner and sommelier to create a more wine-friendly, Mediterranean-inspired menu. Here’s to hoping that Chef Gosselin lands on his feet and the Boarding House blows customers away with its new menu.

Source(s): Time Out Chicago/Chicagoist/312 Dining Diva