What’s On My Desk: Don Peebles

Don Peebles desk

Don Peebles is the CEO and Chairman of Peebles Corporation, a development firm with projects like The Bath Club, The Lincoln and Las Palmas hotel in Las Vegas. Mr. Peebles gave us an inside look at the items on his desk that inspire and help him get through his work day.


1.       Ear Piece:   I spend so much time on the phone that a doctor recommended I get the ear piece to preserve my neck.  Now, I would never go without it.

2.       Baccarat Crystal: A 20th wedding anniversary present from my wife, Katrina.

3.       Model Boat: It reminds me of relaxation and great family memories.

4.       Diet Coke:  During my hectic work day, I enjoy a Diet Coke to take a quick break and give myself a little treat.

5.       Electronic Photo Album (black frame to the right): It reminds me of what I’m working for each day.