The Flat Is Miami Beach’s Newest Lounge

The Flat .850

Though last week was the soft opening of the night lounge, The Flat is now officially set to open its doors next week. The man behind the lounge is VIP doorkeeper Cendric Adegnika, who has been the quintessential doorman at such venues as Mynt, Set, Amnesia and Story. What sets aside Adegnika’s newest project from the rest, is the extent of its customer catering. The lounge has announced that The Flat will have no definitive closing time. When patrons are finished with their last drink and ready to leave, that is when the doors will close.

Adegnika’s concept for the establishment is to be “the before experience.” His vision is for guests to make The Flat their first stop among their short, long or endless nights. The lounge is influenced by European nightlife, “In Europe there is the in-between, a place you want to go before dinner, the club, or bed.” The lush interior makes the joint just that, a place to sit and relax on cozy sofas and sip libations under the dim violet lighting.

The Flat’s extensive drink menu features 25 single malts, 21 bourbons and 10 gins. Complex and exclusive cocktails include The Siberian Cup, made with cucumber-infused Beluga Noble vodka, muddled fresh strawberries, lemongrass, honey and Russian jam and The Madame de Pompadour which consists of Maestro Dobel tequila, honey, fresh pineapple, sage, Peychaud’s bitters and spiced rim. Adding to the unique flare is the lounge’s food presentation. All appetizers and desserts are served verrine style, made in small glasses consisting of layers of flavors like the Berries and Cream made with fresh strawberries and mascarpone.