Haute Secrets: Sean Largotta, CEO & Partner of Crown Group Hospitality


After ten years of working at some of Wall Street’s top institutions, Sean Largotta went out on his own to form Crown Group Hospitality in 2007. Largotta relies on his financial background to manage risk in the hospitality industry, but his story started in the kitchen long before he was running some of New York City’s most buzzed about restaurants. Largotta began working in his family’s Brooklyn butcher shop and restaurants at an early age and credits his father and grandfather for teaching him to run a business and make quality food.

As leading hospitality developers, Largotta and his team aim for what’s next in the culinary world, bringing back historical concepts and refurbishing them to make stylish and successful restaurants. By re-imagining historical venues for the 21st century and providing unique culinary experiences to their patrons, the Crown family of restaurants offers a variety of fare and atmosphere united by an overarching dedication to fine dining. Since Crown Group Hospitality’s conception in 2009, Largotta has increased the company growth from a $3.5 million business to over $40 million.

Here are Largotta’s haute secrets:

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