Raffles Dubai to Showcase the World’s Most Expensive Red Diamond Abaya

red diamond abaya

Couturier to celebrities Debbie Wingham, who launched the world’s most expensive Black Diamond Dress last year, has now chosen her favorite city as well as hotel within which to launch the world’s most expensive Red Diamond Abaya.

red abaya

From 21 to 25 March Wingham returns to Raffles to reveal her dazzling masterpiece worth a staggering $17.5 million (AED 65.1 million) making it the most expensive garment in the world. The masterpiece was born out of Wingham’s love and affinity with Dubai which she plans to make her second home. The world’s most expensive Red Diamond Abaya has inspired an entire collection of beautiful modern abayas using her signature flair and couture techniques while also respecting the traditional dress and culture that she so admires.

Taking the spotlight as the Pièce de résistance on this bejeweled garment is the world’s most expensive and rarest diamond: the red diamond. One in every one hundred million diamonds has a natural red color thus making it one of the most sought after and rarest diamonds in the world. The Abaya will also feature black diamond’s – Debbie’s signature stones, along with white diamonds hand-stitched into place with 14- carat white gold thread. Other details include an intricate layering detail as well as delicate beading detail with a raised flower effect, all crafted by hand.
Wingham’s red diamond collection will also be showcased in Raffle’s Penthouse Suite and is available upon appointment. In addition, Raffles Salon will reveal the designer’s 2013 Spring Summer Collection of Dubai’s during an afternoon tea.
To book your private viewing of Wingham’s collection and her red diamond abaya in Raffles’ penthouse suite,  email consultation@debbiewingham.com or visit www.raffles.com.