Q&A With Golden Beach Mayor Glenn Singer


Glenn Singer has been serving as Mayor of Golden Beach since 2005 and is currently in his 5th term. Since day one, Singer has made the development and growth of Golden Beach his top priority. We got the chance to speak with Mayor Singer to talk about his job as Mayor and his upcoming projects.


Q: Golden Beach is so small, is it a full-time job?

A: No, not a full time job by definition, but sometime it can feel like a full time job.


Q: Golden beach has some of the only homes on the Atlantic in this area. How do you keep the high-rises out?

A: No high rises will ever be built in Golden Beach. It is strictly single-family homes per our town charter.


Q: Tell me about your upcoming restaurant project?

A: City Slickers is a fast, casual dining experience, which serves healthy subs & salads. We serve rotisserie chicken & turkey along with Portobello mushrooms and tofu, which can be added to any sub or salad. We offer two soups on a daily basis, and we have craft beers & wines too. Overall, City Slickers atmosphere is very inviting.


Q: Do you have any other businesses?

 A: Our first location opened in December, and we plan to open at least two other locations this year. I am an active investor involved in many businesses.


Q: You live in Golden Beach too; do you feel like you have the best neighbors in the world?

A: I love living in Golden Beach, and the neighbors are great. They all are friendly and supportive of what I do as Mayor of Golden Beach.


Q: Is it good to be mayor?

A: I love being mayor of Golden Beach. This is my 5th term and I feel I have made a big difference.