Manhattan Penthouse Features 40-Foot-Tall Mirrored Tube Slide

Picture 96

The exterior of 150 Nassau Street may look like any other upscale condo building in New York City, but inside the residence’s four-story penthouse lies an adult’s dream playground. Craig Nevill-Manning, a computer scientist who founded Google’s first remote engineering center, and his wife Kirsten, reportedly own the 7,000 square foot unit. To add a touch of whimsy to their chic abode, the couple installed a 40-foot-tall mirrored slide that runs from their attic all the way to the first floor.

But just in case riders don’t feel like riding all the way down, there is also an option to exit the slide on the third floor. The stainless steel tube also has windows that let in slits of light along the way. The couple purchased the property six years ago for $6.45 million, according to The New York Times.

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