JW Marriott Chicago Offers Locals and Guests a Spring Treat

Spring Cuts

Luxury and sophistication can sometimes be misunderstood as boring and stiff. That’s why it’s always nice to have a luxury institution break out and do something fun or whimsical, which is exactly what Kimberly Junior is doing over at the J.W. Marriott Chicago (151 West Adams). To celebrate the first day of Spring, Pastry Chef Kimberly Junior will be offering colorful cookies to hotel guests and locals that follow the hotel on social media.

Chef Junior specializes in sweet treats and is giving away some colorful confections to local J.W. Faceboook fans and Twitter followers as well as all guests on March 20, 2013. The Chef is a genius with the sweets she cooks up, including her special Frango mint brownies and caramel dipped apples with sea salt and crushed house made toffee. The cookies she will be offering on the first day of Spring aren’t just regular shortbread cookies. She has infused them with fresh flavors of Spring. The lucky recipients will get to choose from four flavors and colors, including purple (candies violet with white chocolate), green (chocolate mint with blood orange marmalade), yellow (vodka-infused lemon verbena drop), and pink (organic candied rhubarb with strawberry gelee). They all sound delicious, if you are planning on staying there that day or work nearby, don’t forget to head to the front desk for a colorful, flavor-infused treat between 10AM and 4PM.