Haute 100 New York Update: Marc Jacobs Makes Acting Debut In ‘Disconnect’

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Marc Jacobs is coming to the silver screen! The 49-year-old fashion designer, who recently signed on as the creative director of Diet Coke, makes his big screen debut alongside Jason Bateman and Alex Skarsgard in the new feature film, “Disconnect.”

The film weaves together three interconnected story lines and warns against the hazards of a technological existence, while referencing the idea that our society is so plugged into our devices that we often fail to see or hear the people closest to us. Jacobs plays a character named Harvey, who lures underage kids off the street with the promise of shelter and income in exchange for web-chat porn and prostitution.

“Harvey isn’t a pimp, having them meet up like street hookers or giving them drugs. He provided a home for the kids. But it is sleazy,” Jacobs told Entertainment Weekly. “In the end, I’m really not a bad character. I’m actually the one who is protecting them in a way. I’ve taken them off the streets, and they don’t get harmed.”

“Disconnect” hits theaters on April 12.

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