Dori Cooperman: A Busy Day of Events in NYC


Today was a busy day! First I went to lunch at my friend GiGi Grimstad’s house. It was so beautiful and we had such a lovely time! GiGi is such a great host and it was so nice to see Marisa Brown’s beautiful baby! Then I headed off to my second lunch that I hosted at Sant Ambroeus just as a get together for Christine Mack, Kalliope Karella, Caroline Berthet, Allison Lutnick, Roxanne Paline, Nora Flaherty, Lara Stolman Watsky and Simone Levinson. Sant Ambroeus is so yummy! After a quick visit to Jack Vartanian, I stopped by Sirio for drinks where I bumped into Stephanie Seymour looking radiant and Lesley Schulhof. Next I went to dinner with Gillian Miniter at Bill’s, where we spoke in depthyly about her dedication and involvement about saving the park. I spotted Annelise Peterson, Christian Leone, Mr. and Mrs. George Brokaw, Carola Jain, Sean Largotta, Jean DeLuca, Dana and Douglas Taylor, Dennis Basso and Michael Cominotto. What a great day and night! I can’t wait to hear about Paolo Zampolli’s party! Stay turned for an upcoming blog!