The Luxury of Health: A Mind And Body Total Fitness

Alex Vasileski


I think it’s safe to say that most people love luxury. Cars, clothes, homes, etc are all wonderful, but the biggest luxury one can have is their health. We all want to be healthy enough to be able to enjoy all the incredible things we attain in our lives. That’s why it’s with pleasure that I introduce A Mind and Body Total Fitness. It’s a company that was founded to provide a different approach to health and fitness.

The founder of A Mind and Body Total Fitness, Alex Vasileski, is a two-time cancer survivor whose battle has led him to be an advocate of health and wellness. He’s not just some trainer that has you lift a couple weights or run a couple miles until time’s up, he is totally invested in your health. Vasileski not only wants you to reach your fitness goals, he wants you to understand the science behind them. He creates well-rounded programs that include: health and wellness consulting, nutritional plans and fitness training. He has helped some of the most successful businesspeople in the city lose a substantial amount of weight and is committed to helping every one of his clients foster and maintain a healthier lifestyle. If luxurious health is of any interest to you, visit to learn more about what Vasileski has to offer.

Image Courtesy of Status Chicago