The Delano’s New Club Essentia

Club Essentia

The Delano’s Aqua Spa has recently been transformed into Club Essentia. The wellness spa, located in the hotel’s penthouse, is led by co-founder and medical director Dr. Ivan Rusilko and his team of nutritional and therapeutic specialists. Club Essentia offers traditional spa services alongside special packages such as preventative care, diagnostic testing and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Guests can enjoy reinvigorating treatments such as the spa’s signature massages, trigger point injections and musculoskeletal treatments, all in one of the eight serene all-white private treatment rooms.  Dr. Rusilko is also providing clients with his exclusive integrative weight loss mapping. The program includes in-depth physician consultations, blood screenings, hormonal testing and personal workout regimens.

For those who want to pair their pampering with a beautifying side of cosmetic enhancement, Club Essentia also offers Botox, skin tightening, and micro-peels.