Nobu Dreams of Sushi

72_MIA_HL.-000Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, or “Nobu,” is taking center stage at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival this month as he is honored at their annual Tribute Dinner. The Japanese sushi chef who developed a serious case of wanderlust leading him from Japan to Peru, Alaska and finally LA, has become the undisputed champion of sushi for almost two decades and has over 30 restaurants worldwide to prove it.

6:30 AM Wake up and do my usual exercise routine for about one hour. I start with an indoor cycling bike, treadmill and stretch, then I take a shower and get ready for the day.72_MIA_HL.-001

8:30 AM I begin taking care of business, checking my emails, making phone calls, etc.

10:00 AM I enjoy a light breakfast – freshly squeezed juice and yogurt. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a traditional Japanese breakfast of broiled fish, miso soup, Japanese pickle and rice.

12 PM I leave my house and drive to my restaurant, Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills.

2:30 PM – I enjoy lunch at Matsuhisa with my staff. We eat the Makanai (staff meal) together and discuss everything that’s happening in the restaurant.

3:30 PM – After lunch, I go home and make phone calls to check in with the staff at my other locations and see how everything is going. Then I finally get to relax.

6:00 PM – After taking a break, I head out again this time to NOBU in Los Angeles to greet customers and make sure things are running smoothly. I then go back to Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills to continue greeting dinner guests until it’s time to go home.