Haute Burgers: 25 Degrees Chicago



Everyone grows up with certain ideas in their head about the world. As you get older you realize that certain truths weren’t so factual. There are the early truths you quickly learn like * Spoiler Alert * Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real, stepping on cracks actually doesn’t break your mother’s back, your dog didn’t leave to play on some big farm in the country and other things like that. Then there are the truths you believe to be fact as an adult, like a burger place can’t be considered upscale. Sorry to burst your adult bubble, but there is such a place and its name is Twenty Five Degrees.

No disrespect to the Clown and the King, but Twenty Five Degrees (736 North Clark Street) takes the idea of a burger joint and turns it upside down. To even call it just a burger joint is a major understatement though, it’s actually a Burger, Wine and Liquor Bar. Not only can you eat fantastic burgers paired with unusual flavors, you can also sip on an amazing array of beverages including “Adult Floats and Spiked Floats.”

This may be the only burger place in the city you can enjoy a burger and a glass of wine in a space occupied by black crystal chandeliers. This also may be the only place where you can go on a random Sunday and grab an order of banana pecan French toast. Twenty Five Degrees Chicago makes fantastic burgers, voted top 10 in the US,  but don’t rest their hat on just that, they have everything from butternut squash soup to bacon wrapped dates. I can almost guarantee you won’t find Spicy Tuna or Cheese & Charcuterie at any other burger spot. They do it all, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. But the only way to experience this incredibly unique establishment is to visit, so make your way to 736 North Clark and have another truth reversed.