Fat Tuesday Carnival Brazilian Celebration

It’s no secret that Carnival in Rio de Janiero is one of the biggest celebrations in the world, if not the biggest. It’s commonly referred to as the greatest show on Earth, meaning it’s a special event where people let loose and succumb to the sounds of Samba. You may not be able to make it to Rio for Carnival, but Funky Couture is offering the next best thing. Funky Couture Entertainment will be throwing a Fat Tuesday (in honor of Mardi Gras)/Carnival party February 12, 2013 from 7pm to 2am at 311 North Sangamon.

It’s going to be a Brazilian-inspired extravaganza, complete with champagne, beads, masks and hats to give guests the opportunity to revel like kings, queens, jesters or masked mystery characters. The Chicago Samba group will be performing, Sinha Elegant will be providing authentic Brazilian cuisine and the entire place will be decorated to give guests the feeling of Carnival. With the “refreshments” being provided by Southern Comfort and Cachasa Rum, there will be a $7 drink menu fully inspired by Brazil. The DJ will be playing Brazilian house music and Latin tunes all night, so be prepared for a night of dancing. If you are interested in experiencing Carnival without making a trip to Brazil, this is the perfect party for you. Tickets are only $25, for more information or to purchase tickets click here.