Haute Eat: Yas Viceroy’s Noodle Box

A vibrant and warm ambiance encompasses the space of the Yas Viceroy’s Southeast Asian restaurant Noodle Box. Modern floral prints on the walls lined with cushions radiate a light and joyful mood immediately whisking guests away from the modern structure of the Yas Viceroy. I stopped at Noodle Box for a brisk lunch in order to experience their Southeast Asian hits.

My servers were warm and friendly and quickly aided me in my selection. The menu boasted a mouth-watering selection of favorites from┬áhina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I scanned the thorough selection and decided on a starter of several types of dim sum – Shu Cai Jiaozi of steamed vegetables; Har Kao with steamed prawn dumplings and Shanbei Jiaozi including scallops. The small, dainty parcels came steaming hot and gooey as dim sum does – while the pieces were nothing I hadn’t tried before, the ingredients were fresh and savory and I ended up getting seconds of the Har Kao. Deciding to go light on my meal, I then chose the Suan La Tang hot and sour soup with carrots, shiitake mushrooms, tofu and eggs. The concoction was warm and savory and heightened by the juxtaposition of hot and sour – I found it very energizing and cleansing to the system.

A dessert of fresh fruits and Rice Pudding with Mango salsa concluded my meal and left me feeling quite complete, healthy and satisfied.

While I found the Noodle Box to be quite typical in its offering of Southeast Asian specialties, the friendly staff and presentation made it unique to other venues. It’s definitely worth a visit for a brisk and healthy lunch.

The Noodle Box, Yas Viceroy Hotel, +971 26560600.