ESPA’ Signature Treatment: the Yas Detox

A step inside the Yas Viceroy’s chic urban spa ESPA reveals a modern interpretation of Middle Eastern spa rituals. Set out in two floors, the spa offers a sensory journey through a tranquil and soothing spaces. A first glance is mesmerizing and prompts the visitor to further explore. I was there to try ESPA’s Signature Treatment: the Yas Detox – meant to calm, relax and purify.

My therapist guided me down several corridors and up the stairs where soft streams of water likened to rain showers softly dropped. I was then guided into a fairly small, yet snug and modern room. The blinds were down so that the room was dimly-lit and exuded a nice glow. The therapist first proceeded with the foot ritual to gently cleanse the feet and then guided me onto the table where she explained the rest of the two-hour procedure: first, the marine detox began with body brushing and a refreshing spearmint and aloe body polish to invigorate; then mineral-rich algae and essential oils of cypress, eucalyptus and grapefruit are smooth onto the skin after which, the body is wrapped for several minutes in order to encourage the elimination of toxins while peppermint is placed on the skin in order to invigorate the face. Finally, a detoxifying massage follows to cleanse and purify.

While I was a bit unsure of the body wrap, the effects were brilliant: smooth skin and a relaxed mind. My therapist was one of the best I’ve ever had; as a former ballet dancer and now Pilates teacher, I am aware of the importance of making sure the body is relaxed and take care of. All the products used are from the detoxifying line at ESPA; I hadn’t felt so calm and relaxed in a long time.

ESPA at the Yas Viceroy, +971 26560001.