Haute Interview: Adrienne Maloof Dishes on New Season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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The fabulous ladies of the world’s most famous zip code are back in action for the explosive third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Business mogul Adrienne Maloof openly chats with us exclusively about the all the drama in the new season, her public divorce and much more.

Let’s get right into it, because there’s a lot to talk about. What can viewers expect from the third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? It’s looking like it’s most explosive yet.

Well there definitely will be drama! There is a lot going on this season, there are new housewives joining our crew. I am very focused on a few new business ventures that you will see in the show. Some really exciting things! A new business with my brothers, Zing Vodka, a new handbag line, my partnership with Robert Croak OMG Brandz LED Cases, and of course there will be some more difficult dramas, but you will have to watch the show and see!

There seems to be tension between you and Yolanda Foster from the previews we’ve seen. Did you two know each other before the show? What kind of issues did you both have this season?

I honestly don’t really know Yolanda. There seems to be some drama with something she said about me, but I truly don’t know much about it.

What’s your relationship like with Lisa Vanderpump right now?

Lisa and I are fine. We’ve had our differences in the past, and we’re certainly not BFF’s but I have no issues with her at the moment and I don’t think she has any with me either.

Brandi Glandville came onto the show last season as a friend of yours. Now things have sort of shifted and you both seem to not be getting a long at all this season. Brandi is known for getting into altercations with the other cast mates, how did things escalate to where they are now?

Unfortunately Brandi seems to really like drama, and she can be an instigator. She always seems to be picking on someone and I guess this season that person is me. I’m not always sure of her motivation, but being involved in some sort of drama must make her feel more relevant.

You have been going through a very public separation/divorce with your husband Dr. Paul Nassif in recent months, how has it been going through it publicly? Can we believe all the stuff we read online or in the tabloids? What would you like to set the record straight on.

I am not ready to talk about Paul or my divorce. It’s been a very difficult few months…divorces are always very complicated and tough. But my focus has been and continues to be our children. They are my top priority.

Do you think the success of the show and fame changed has changed the dynamic of the cast from season one to now?

Of course! Fame and success is always far more powerful than you expect it to be. There are some very good aspects of it; it has allowed many of us a platform to launch and promote our business endeavors. That has been amazing.  But of course with the good always comes the bad, and fame can have a dark side as well. It can really affect and change people. I don’t think that has been the case with everyone… but it’s definitely a factor!

Besides all the drama this season, you have been busy expanding from shoes into jewelry. Tell me about your new jewelry line? Your shoes are to die for, so I know the jewelry will be too.

Thank you! I am really excited about the jewelry line; I had a big part in designing the pieces and they are exactly what I love, so hopefully others will too! I also have a new handbag line launching this Spring, I just received the first samples and they are gorgeous! The designs, the colors, the detail….very excited for all of my new endeavors.

And you also have a new collection of shoes out. What are some hot trends in your collection this season?

My favorite is the leopard print—leopard is a neutral in my opinion! It matches practically everything and gives even a simple ensemble a little kick. We have the leopard in both a heel and a flat (since women sometimes need to give their feet a break). And of course there is the perfect nude pump! Nude is my favorite color for a shoe… it elongates the leg and is my go to color. (Better than black!)

What’s can fans expect next from you? Any new projects on the horizon?
Tons of new projects! I am almost too busy—but I enjoy it. You’ll be seeing quite a few of the new projects on the show so stay tuned!