What’s On My Desk: Patric Yumul, President of the Mina Group

Ever wonder what the most powerful leaders, business execs and celebrities keep on their desks? Well, we’re about to tell you. Our biweekly “What’s on My Desk” feature will take a look inside the offices and at the desks of the world’s most influential power players.

Patric Yumul is President of the Mina Group, the non-stop restaurant company that brought us Michael Mina, Clock Bar and RN74. Since joining the Mina Group in 1999, Yumul has taken the company from 4 to 19 restaurants!  The Mina Group’s current project, The Company Bar + Kitchen, is set to open in summer 2013. This busy mogul paused to let Haute Living in on what he keeps nearby to get it all done.

1.  Pictures of my family – My kite strings, keeping me grounded and reminding me of who I am really working for.

2.  Luigi Bosca Notebox – For my little notes that I pass to the team.

3.  Lacrosse Ball – Good for bouncing off the wall when I’m thinking.  Better for rolling on my neck and shoulders to relieve stress and knots.

4.  Wire Desk Step File – For quick reference of monthly financials, current projects, etc.

5.  Traveling Moleskin – Essential for all meetings on the go.  I write everything down.  Everything.  I want to make sure I stay on top of everything that I commit to and that I follow up on all outstanding tasks and commitments.  (I know you can make these notes in your cpu or smart phone, but I feel that a bit impolite and distracting.  I prefer to transfer my handwritten notes later. )

6.  Beats by Dre Headphones – my day is filled with conference calls and meetings on the phone.  good quality headphones are essential to keep the conversation going.  I also have a ton of music on the icloud with imatch.  I love listening to music whenever I am moving about the city.  My great friend and DJ Michael Smith from The Playlist Generation always loads me up with the latest sounds and beats.

7.  My Laptop –More left brain type of stuff…I use this for all heavy email correspondence, worksheets and general word docs.  I am slowly weaning myself to be all Apple all the time…

8.  Lomega external hard drive – It’s the old school cloud.  I keep all my files on it.  it keeps my cpu’s quick and light.

9.  My MAC –This is the right brain CPU. I use this to help develop restaurant concepts, create presentations, catalog pictures and images, music, etc…

10.  Levenger Desk Pad – Basically a giant scribe pad.  I start each day with a new piece of paper and write out my lists for the day.  All items that don’t get completely closed, go on to the next days paper.

11.  A couple of other necessary tools are some handy apps.  Uber & Evernote.

a.       UBER- is the absolute best car service out there.  It always knows where I am at, I never have to wait too long, the drivers are always warm and professional, the cars are stellar, and everyone is always impressed when I use them…its like a little magic trick!

b.      Evernote allows me to organize all of my personal tasks and those of my team.  I can manage them across multiple devices and it allows me to stay clutter free.  Another really great feature is you can record voice notes and email them to people…  I love it!

12. Lamill Coffee, French Press and Kettle – furnished by our great friend Craig Min.  It is what we need to get everyone energized and focused.

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