Swarovski Launches Kingdom of Jewels for Fall/Winter 2012/13


For its Fall/Winter Collection for 2012/13, Swarovski continues the theme of entertainment and launches a collection of jewellery inspired by aristocratic and historical pieces fused with contemporary lines. At once rock and baroque in style, the muse of these jewels is a modern and young woman of Eastern royalty who grows up surrounded by artists and flamboyant characters. She is both cosmopolitan and trendy, worldly and free – a refined and glamorous rock singer.

Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin transports us to an opulent and baroque world. “I wanted to conjure up a muse who portrays a “rock chick”, turning traditional ideas and values upside down by giving them her own personal twist. Rebellious and confident, she creates her own style with total freedom. Her jewelry suits her perfectly: an array of medieval, eastern and even a touch of Shakespearean are influences which are revisited to create an avant-garde, rock artist look. She is. in other words, someone who depicts ‘Rock Royalty'”, explains Colin.

A recurring shape within the collection is the triangle. Historic among jewelry stones, the triangle’s faceted cut is a recurring form within Swarovski; it has been repeated in different forms throughout many sets and creations. Colors explode in flashes of flamboyant ruby, spellbinding emerald, or deep sapphire, combined with dark tones and opaque effects with an underground edge. Like a treasure passed down through time, the collection subtly combines ancient and modern, Asian heritage and historical detail, rich colors and dark tones, all with a sense of total freedom. Added to this is lacework; embroidery; metals including gold, silver and antiqued or polished steel to create a vintage look.

These are riveting, glamorous pieces of jewellery adorning the wearer with a new baroque sense of style which, at once refined and spunky, casts off a glowing aura.

Swarovski, The Dubai Mall, +971 43398256 www.swarovski.com.