Valentino Vettori

For those of you who want haute couture and are on a budget, check out Valentino Vettori’s brand, Improvd. Valentino Vettori, along with his partner, Sam Ben-Avraham, are the creators of Improvd, an approachable avant-garde and couture line that are for those fashionistas who also want to be able to enjoy high fashion without burning a hole through their pockets. Vettori used to head Diesel’s expansion in the U.S. and later opened his Scatola Sartoriale showrooms in New York, focusing on international designers with an edgy, high-fashion aesthetic. He started his collections drawing inspiration from the animal planet. If you look closely to their Spring 2010 collection, which started it all, you will see a recurring theme of earthy neutrals with edgy details and prints. But just because this brand is for those that are on a budget, does not mean that the quality of the clothes is downplayed. Vettori makes sure to use high quality fabrics and performs his magic on the fabrics, which later is turned into something a fashion enthusiast would be proud of.