Ralph Pagano

Livingston, New Jersey’s very own, Ralph Pagano, may be best known for his determined work on Chef Gordon Ramsey’s hit reality competition, “Hell’s Kitchen”, making it all the way to the finals, earning the position of Runner-Up, but these days, Chef Ralph Pagano is known as one of the most successful chefs in South Florida, being the Chef de Cuisine of Miami’s exclusive restaurant, “STK”. STK, known for its delicious sirloin steaks, has been highly credited in Miami, and remains a central restaurant of luxury. But Pagano, should have no trouble fitting in with the highly glamorous and intensely competitive lifestyle of head chef, being that he competed on the Food Network’s hit show, “Iron Chef America” against Bobby Flay, a top master of cuisine in the field. Upon enriching the flavors of STK’s food, Pagano will also add his own signature touches to the menu, on celebrated dishes such as the Lil’ Big Macs, the Parmesan Truffle French Fries, Shrimp Rice Krispies, and many other delicious meals that the restaurant has to offer. To Ralph Pagano, we wish him luck, although we are certain that he will not need it.