Nathalie Azoubel

Nathalie Azoubel has steadily developed the success of ZINGARA, a line of effortless, fun, and glamorous swimwear to represent the independent nature of today’s woman and her signature style: effortless chic. ZINGARA was first created in Uruguay by her parents in 1980 and later, Nathalie and her sister took the reigns of the company in 2005. With much of her childhood surrounded by fashion, she was bound to become a prosperous fashion designer. She earned degrees at some of the most prestigious schools in the world, like the Fashion Institute of Technology and the very acclaimed school for fashion, Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, Nathalie has the brains to continue the success of ZINGARA. Today, there are 42 stores located throughout Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, and the United States.