Michael Honablue

Manhattan transplant Michael Honablue has not only garnered an outstanding career in producing and directing videos, but he is also a skilled architect/interior designer who studied at Parsons in Paris and graduated from PRATT in New York.With his roots in high-design, Michael Honablue migrated from one form of business arts to another, when he was asked to launch Plum TV Miami Beach in 2007. Leading an Emmy-award-winning team that produced content for the International Polo Club, Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show and Art Basel, Honablue made an instant impression on the Miami Beach scene. Since then he has moved his efforts to producing social media content for Fortune 500 companies, and spreading awareness through his philanthropic endeavors. Co-founder of philanthropyis.com, Honablue teamed up with Wall street Guru Joan Hornig to create a video archive of “Docu-Spots” and events dedicated to finding all the ways people are helping and celebrating the diversity of donating. When Honablue is not attending a charity event, he is developing cultural experiments in the Product 81 creative lab, where he serves as Senior Producer. Product 81 provides alternative innovative and creative solutions to businesses to enhance their overall performance through communication, in short they are the cultural designers of tomorrow.