Johnny Wizman

For this Miami businessman, living the dream-life is like breezy clockwork. As CEO and President of Luxury Montres, Johnny Wizman knows a thing or two about professionalism, luxury, and above all else time. With a lengthy family stream of extravagant watch-handlers, Johnny Wizman has no trouble maintaining a successful business, whilst basking in his growing accomplishments. From his Los Angeles birth to his University of Santa Barbara graduation, Wizman truly only had one core goal in his life; to join the family business of handling elite watches. So he decided to take part in his uncle’s company, his uncle being in charge of the distribution and manufacturing for the Gucci Timepieces. Spending the next couple of years in Switzerland, learning the “tools of the trade” on luxury sales and manufacturing, Wizman emerged as a top contender for this prominent industry, and has since been making bank on Corum Watches, and now Luxury Montres. Being the business-savvy CEO he is, Wizman’s persistency when it comes to publicizing his fabulous watches should come as no great surprise. He has no hesitation when it comes to selling his watches. When asked if he could put one of his watches on anybody, he answered, “President Barack Obama”. Reason? “He gets the most press”. Savvy, and sensible. Now although he spends a great deal of his time maintaining the rising flow of his business, Wizman takes a substantial deal of time to engage in some of his favorite Miami pastimes, such as spear fishing or wakeboarding. For all of the headlines and increasing achievements he has produced from Luxury Montres, Johnny Wizman may relax as long as he wishes. Besides, he does have perfect timing.