Haute Interview: Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif

Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif launched their new skin care collection at Bishops and Barron’s in downtown Manhattan last week. It was an intimate crowd of friends and press brought together to celebrate the power couples new business endeavor. Adrienne Maloof is a stunningly beautiful petite three-quarter Lebanese/one-quarter Irish blonde bombshell. Not only is she incredibly successful businesswomen who along with her brothers run a multi million-dollar empire (owners of The Palms and the Sacremento Kings basketball team), but also one of the nations most famous reality stars. In 2010 Bravo’s hit housewives franchise debuted it Beverly Hills cast with mega ratings and Adrienne quickly become one of the shows biggest break out stars. Her husband (who was also on the show) Dr. Paul Nassif is a successful plastic surgeon with a renowned practice in Beverly Hills and new office on Park Avenue. I first met Paul and Adrienne at Adrienne’s shoe launch at Lord & Taylor in December where she talked openly about her family life and her passion for entrepreneurship. This time I sat down with Adrienne and her husband Paul to discuss their new skin care line, Adrienne Maloof by Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Ron Moy, and what we can expect from the next season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and much more.

HL: Welcome back to New York, it’s good to see you both again.

Adrienne: Thank you, it’s good to see you!

Dr. Paul Nassif: Thank you

HL: Tell me about your skin care line. How did this come about?

Dr. Paul Nassif: It’s interesting me being a facial plastic surgeon and Adrienne one of the most knowledgeable people except by being a dermatologist, she knows a lot about the skin. She’s tried hundreds of products and we thought let’s look into skincare. We combined our knowledge and tried about 30 to forty products, and after doing a lot of research my colleague Dr. Ron Moy worked with DNA repair enzymes. Which is cutting edge state of the art technology, it’s not antioxidants, it’s cutting edge, and it’s new. It actually repairs the DNA from the damage of things like the sun. We just fell in love with the product.

Adrienne: Let me tell you what I love about these products, because I’ve tried everything. People throw things at him all the time being a plastic surgeon, he’s seen everything. Our partners is the president of the academy of dermatology, when he gave Paul these products and said try these, see what you think. I tried them for one year and fell in love. It’s the opposite of what everyone else is doing, they’ve been exfoliating and exfoliating where your gets so thin. And then you go out into the sun, and you look at the sun and you start getting hyperpigmentation because your skin is so thin. This product re builds your skin, it’s DNA repair. And the way it’s delivered into the skin is through liposomes; it goes deep into the layers of the skin. That’s what I loved is that it had dramatic results, quickly and without having to constantly exfoliate and thin the skin. That is the difference between; hence that’s how we came up with this product.

HL: Were you nervous to take on a new project? Because of just how insanely busy you both are. We’ve talked before and you guys have a lot on your plate. You have three little boys and a slew of other successful business endeavors.

Adrienne: Yes (laughs)

HL:  Because not only do you have busy works schedules, you have three boys.

Adrienne: Yes we have three boys. We’re never afraid to take on a new project, were afraid of working together (laughs). For us it’s our first time working together (outside of the Real Housewives). I know how to market; he knows the scientific aspect of it. So I think actually together it makes for a great product.

HL: Does it help to be with each other a little bit more since your schedules are so crazy? And you guys are currently filming the third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills right?

Paul: It’s fun doing this together.

Adrienne: It’s fun we have to be honest here though. We will have our moments where he thinks one way, I think another way. And that’s part of the growing process and I think it makes for a better product. I can see things from another perspective, as can he. We combine our knowledge and I think it makes for an amazing product.

HL: Will these skincare products be available in your Beverly Hills and New York City offices?

Paul: These will be available in our offices. But were also doing heavy retail. I believe the first place it will be available is at Belk in the southeast. And then were talking with numerous retails outlets about which is the best place to carry the products.

HL: And what else do we have here? I see something lighting up in your hand there.

Adrienne: Well let me tell you, this is what people are going crazy over.  It’s called the OMG iPhone cases. You will see different prototypes. Were coming out in Apple, Best Buys, Target, Costco’s, within the next month or so.  I thought of this about a month ago and my partner is the man that created sillybandz.

And I was talking about a new line of vodka called Zing vodka, that I’m part ownership in. it’s red velvet cake vodka, very luxurious, very smooth. It has an LED light in it; you press a button it lights up. But as I’m explaining it, I have my phone and somebody said I like your phone case, but it wasn’t a case it was the light. And then I thought oh my gosh, lets put the two together. The person I was telling, said my partner created sillybandz, he’s an inventor maybe he can help and he did.

HL: That is amazing.

Adrienne: You will see it in stores very soon. Were the first out for LED technology, it’s going to be on iPads and iTouch. So you will see them everywhere.

HL: I love them!

Adrienne: I’ll send you one!

HL: As successful entrepreneur you guys always promote ownership and being hands on in your various business endeavors. What is some advice you have out there for young entrepreneurs?

Adrienne: The first thing is you have to have passion. You have to believe in your product. Once you have passion, its hard work. Don’t just talk about it, go and do it. If you have that dream, go out and do what you believe in. But have the passion, because then it’s not work.

Paul: I’ll also add you have to work hard. Most peoples work ethnic tends to be OK, but not fantastic. To make any endeavor successful, you have to put that time and energy into something and work long hard days. Whether it’s on the weekends or at night. You have to be constantly looking to improve things. It’s not a 9-5 thing.

HL: You guys are currently filming the third season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What can we expect from you in the new season?

Adrienne: There are definitely surprises, more drama and all I will say is you’ll have to stay tuned.

HL: I’ve heard that NeNe Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta) is coming to Beverly Hills? Is that true? Have you heard that?

Adrienne: I can’t tell you that! I would love too but I can’t tell you.

HL: I tried! Thank you so much Paul and Adrienne, great to see you both again.

To learn more about Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassifs skin care line and much more visit her official website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images