Haute Toys: Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay V1 TV and BeoPlay A3 iPad Speakers

Image: BeoPlay

The highly anticipated Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay V1 TV was released to the public a few days before its official launch date and a surprise gadget, the BeoPlay A3 iPad speakers, were released in conjunction with the new haute toy.

The BeoPlay V1 TV is available in two options – the BeoPlay V1-32 and the V1-40, each representative of its screen size. Featuring a signature design paired with solid construction details including steel and chrome, the V1 TV is accompanied by special stands that ensure versatility in mounting. The V1-32 model is base priced at $3,170 while the V1-40 retails for a starting tag of $3,831.

The BeoPlay A3 iPad speakers look like a photo frame and are the perfect gift for any technology and/or music enthusiast. Able to switch between portrait and landscape mode, the A3 incorporates three different 0.5 inch tweeters and a 2 inch woofer for accurate stereo sound, no matter which way you have it oriented. Providing five hours of playback per charge, the BeoPlay A3 speakers will be available in black from May 21st and priced at $726. A white version may be released later in the year.

Source: Luxury Launches