Haute Toys: The World’s First Gold iPad 3 Unveiled in Dubai

Image: Gold & Co London

Following the successful launch of the 24K gold iPad 2 last year, it was only a matter of time before the world’s first gold iPad 3 appeared. A British company called Gold & Co London has just unveiled the product in Dubai, which is limited to only 250 units.

The 64 gigabyte iPad 3 is gold-plated with 24K gold and presented in a hand-crafted wooden box. Currently available only in the United Arab Emirates at Damas stores, the one-of-a-kind iPad will retail for around $4,559 and will also be auctioned off to raise funds for local charities.

Chief executive of Gold & Co, Amjad Ali, said, “The Gulf region is one of our biggest markets – we can probably sell 250 iPads without a problem.”

The gold iPad was unveiled last month to VIPS in the UAE. The custom-made iPad will be showcased at Damas Jewelry in Dubai Mall next week.

Gold & Co’s gold-plated iPad2 sold out in the region in just six month after it was released last year.

Source: Luxury Launches