Damien Hirst Limited Edition “Hallucinatory Head” on Sale for $59,000

Image: Heathcliff O'Malley

Several of Damien Hirst’s pieces of artwork will be on display at the Tate Museums, but if you want to take a piece of Hirst home with you, head to the gift shop where you can purchase a limited edition plastic skull tagged as “Hallucinatory Head” for $59,000.

While the museum will be displaying some of Hirst’s artwork, including spin paintings, shark suspended in formaldehyde, bisected animals and “For The Love of God”, a human skull set in platinum and 8,601 diamonds, the gift shop is where you will find a little piece of Hirst to take home with you.

If “For The Love of God” inspires you, check out the Tate’s gift shop where they will be selling a limited edition plastic skull (“Hallucinatory Head”) that has been coated with “household gloss” paint. There are only 50 units, and each is priced at $59,000. Also on sale is a 12 china plates set priced at $16,835, a spotted skateboard for $770, a butterfly-print umbrella for $315 and butterfly-print wallpaper prices at $1,200 per roll.

Also on exhibit will be “A Thousand Years”, which depicts flies coming from maggots feeding on a rotting cow’s head and “In and Out of Love” showing butterflies eating from fruit bowls.

Hirst is believed to be Britain’s richest living artist.

Source: Luxury Launches

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