Thai Taxi Driver Returns $450,000 in Gold to Passenger


Saksi Ketsikaew is a taxi driver in Bangkok, Thailand who turned in approximately 8.2 kg of gold jewelry to the Thai police after it was reportedly left in his cab by a passenger who turned out to be a gold seller named Ekarat Kanokwannakorn.

Leaving personal belongings in cabs isn’t uncommon, but what happens when your personal belonging is $450,000 worth of gold jewelry? That is exactly the predicament gold seller Ekarat Kanokwannakorn faced after he took a taxi ride in Bangkok. Fortunately for him, taxi driver Saksi Ketsikaew discovered the jewelry and three days after returned it to the Thai police.

Though at first the Thai police were slightly suspicious as to why it took three days for the driver to return the items, Kanokwannakorn was reportedly delighted to have the gold back and decided not to press charges. In fact, he rewarded the driver with two necklaces that together were worth around $10,000.

According to the Associated Press, Police Col. Naradet Tiprak said the driver returned the gold jewelry in cardboard boxes on Friday. Kanokwannakorn reportedly purchased the gold on Tuesday in Bangkok, but forgot it in the taxi while he was helping his sick wife.

Source: Luxury Insider