Kanye West Designs $5,800 Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

Recently rapper Kanye West, released the shoes he designed for Giuseppe Zanotti, during Paris Fashion Week this past fall, and will retail for over cool five G’s. Mr. West is taking a little slack for what some call a “lack of vision,” while other say he is displaying his Narcissists tendencies. With that being said, possibly he should take some of his own advice straight from his latest chart topping song with Jay-Z where he claims, “You need to crawl before you ball.”

Excuse his French, but he is in Paris . . . his exclusively designed calf skin shoes adorned with pearls retail in Paris’s own ultra trendy and upscale store Colette. Priced just over 4,000 Euros, translating to almost $6,000 you can own your very own piece of the Kanye West Empire.

Looking past this price tag, where on average the coveted Louboutin shoe retails for anywhere from $600 to thousands of dollars. Taken from his latest song once again, is it cray? Or will he show us why he deserves to have it all?!

One must know that Kanye‘s shoes are designed in remembrance of the late Donda West, Kanye’s mother. However, who doesn’t have a soft spot for their mother?! Mr. West intends to release more of his designs on March 5 with his fall/winter 2012 collection, during the high fashion event. Let’s hope he’s in his zone and Mary- Kate and Ashley would be seen in them.