Heritage Luxury Debuts Heritage Vintage

Photo: ebay.com

Today marks the start of one of biggest auctions in vintage designer sales history. Heritage Auctions have launched Heritage Vintage. As many may know Heritage Auctions are the world’s third largest auction house and the largest collectibles auctioneer, established in 1976. Heritage Auctions supplies a range of items, from US & World Coins, Jewelry Timepieces, Vintage & Couture Handbags, Books & Comics, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Vintage & Contemporary Photography and much more. Not to mention, the auction house still holds a record after selling a diamond Birkin for $203,150, which made the whopping sale the most expensive handbag ever.

So you could only imagine what to expect with Heritage Vintage. The auction will feature 15-20 vintage designer pieces from vintage Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga to Hermes on a weekly basis online. Most auctions will have sales consisting of at least one Kelly bag or Hermes Birkin starting at a surprising $1. This impressive auction has been released as a sub-category of Heritage Luxury, which launched back in 2010. Heritage Luxury has been infamous for setting records at Christies’ for selling the world’s most expensive handbags approximately four separate times, making it a leader in high-end accessories. Heritage Auctions are always looking forward to providing customers with impressive designer items whether outright purchase or consignment, so we expect nothing less from Heritage Vintage, with their fun, fashionable and stylish accessories. For more information on Heritage Auctions visit www.ha.com/luxury or www.ha.com.

Source: Brandstyle Communications

Photo: Purseblog.com