$55,000 Red Velvet Cupcake for Valentine’s Day

Image: Elite Choice

If you’re still in need of an extra special way to make someone’s Valentine’s Day sweeter, look no further than the $55,000 red velvet cupcake from premier bakery Cupcake Gourmet.

Splurging on Valentine’s Day is nothing new, but you may want to consider a cupcake that will blow your loved one’s mind and satisfy their sweet cravings all at the same time. Cupcake Gourmet has created a $55,000 cupcake made with red velvet dressing and featuring an 8-carat diamond engagement ring. The cupcake base is made of velvet and then on top there is a cream filling housing the diamond ring, which can be selected by the client. Cupcake Gourmet teamed up with H.L. Gross & Bro. Jewelers to create the perfect luxurious and sweet pairing.

Source: Born Rich