Things are About to Get Crazy: Christian Louboutin, Swizz Beatz, David Lynch, Gilles Papain and Youssef Nabil Collaborate for Paris’ Famed Crazy Horse

Seeing as how the Crazy Horse has maintained its crown as reigning royal in the avant-garde cabaret scene in Paris since 1951, it’s no surprise that they’re still pushing the proverbial envelope today. And while we’ve all watched eagerly as they welcomed “Guest Creatures” in the past—talent’s included Dita Von Teese, Arielle Dombasl, Pamela Anderson and many more—it’s only after half a century that the Crazy Horse has knighted a “Guest Creator.”

Enter: Christian Louboutin.

Invited to marry his vision about the celebration of women with the original roots of the Crazy show, which similarly celebrates the female form, Louboutin has directed four original tableaux, inspired by everything from hip hop to art masterpieces, each taking a turn as providing a glimpse at femininity in all its forms.

But of course the man behind the red bottoms enlisted the assistance of a stellar team to best deliver the message: Patricia Folly, a choreographer and dancer at Le Crazy acted as his assistant; and top-tier talents collaborated on the end result. Artists, including David Lynch and Swizz Beatz, both composed original music; Gilles Papain, video; and Youssef Nabil, who created the poster for the show, played intricate roles in this iconic moment.

FEU, as the collaboration’s been dubbed is truly creating a buzz befitting its name—spreading like wildfire amongst fans of the Crazy Horse, Monsieur Louboutin, and the mega-watt stars involved in the process.

FEU will preview on Sunday, March 4th 2012 and will remain in the repertoire of the celebrated Paris institution until May 31st 2012.

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