Romain Zago

Romain Zago, the French-born, Brazilian/Italian-raised former model speaks five languages and is engaged to the “world’s sexiest model” Joanna Krupa. Zago is not your average nightclub owner, and Mynt is not your average club. Known consistently throughout the years as one of Miami’s top clubs, Zago insists that his success has a great deal to do with his level of humanity and dedication to keeping his customers happy. Zago’s outlook was shaped greatly by his business idol and mentor, Elite Model Management founder John Casablancas who helped him start his career in events. In 2006, Romain merged his years in the fashion industry with his nightlife experience to create the trend setting night club which he recently re-designed himself.

How did you start your career in nightlife?
I was lucky enough to visit five continents and over 20 countries through my work in the modeling industry and through my position as the Assistant Producer to John Casablancas. At all of the different events, my attention was always focused on the lights and music. I was also incredibly fascinated by the distinction of style in each country. It was the sum of these experiences that led to a natural parlay into the nightlife industry.

What’s the best and the most challenging part about working in the nightlife business?
The best part is the ability to create and innovate Nightlife through design, to coordinate the merge between surrealism in lighting and house music and most importantly to meet the most fascinating people in the world. The most challenging part is the long hours. I still wish for a 30-hour day. And of course, sorting through the multitude of egos [is a challenge].

Who are some of your most impressive clientele?
For me the most impressive clientele comes when you realize the philosophy of egalitarianism is the essence of this business. I have been in the presence of the smartest people on earth from Wall Street’s most distinguished geniuses, the United States’ biggest realtors to world famous movie producers, actors, models and the greatest, achieved and wealthiest businessmen. Through [servicing] these different people, I realized that the entertainment industry relies on a pure and sincere relationship with everyone, equally. Most impressive? They all are equal. For me, no one name is more impressive than another.

What’s the formula for a successful venue?
A “secret” combination of constant innovation, hard work, meticulous thinking, kindness, humbleness, patience and the most important piece: The realization that the true owners of Nightlife are our patrons, they are the genuine creators of MYNT’s success.

What’s the most shocking thing you’ve seen in your business?
Most shocking thing(s) I have seen in the nightlife industry is how dirty some can play and how some can remain untouchable.

What sets you apart from the rest of the club kings?
I am known for my humbleness. In my many years in this industry, I was never ever able to sit at a table and pretend that I was the king in my castle; I always gave that title to the customer, I am just there to be their servant. Also, in an industry that can get to many people’s heads, I can say that I have stayed true to my ideals and the foundation I have set for myself. I go to sleep each night with few regrets.

What’s next for you?
Next is to create and to be apart of the most fantastic designs in the nightlife industry with projects worldwide. Secret and gigantic partners to be announced soon.