Opus 4

Platinum: $387,100; limited to 18 pieces

Platinum with baguette diamonds; limited to 2 pieces

The Opus 4, developed with Christophe Claret, who recently launched his own watch line, is a tale of two watches told in one exceptional time piece. The watch comes in a reversible 44mm diameter case. The watch has a technical face on one side and an elegant face on the other, which looks more suited for evening events. Fitted with a 53-hour power reserve, the technical side of the watch displays a tourbillon, time indication, and a cathedral-type chime minute repeater, Claret’s expertise. On the visually romantic side of the watch are a moon phase, date and time indication against a blue dial matching the leather of the blue crocodile strap. Requiring an unbelievable 423 parts and 40 jewels to assemble, this complex piece is a horological work of art.

Opus V

Rose Gold: $111,300; limited to 45 pieces

Platinum: $143,300; limited to 45 pieces

Platinum with diamonds; limited to 10 pieces

Revisiting their approach with the Opus 3, Harry Winston created another one-of-a-kind complication with watch designer Felix Baumgartner. The Opus V represents an interpretation of telling time that is incredibly creative, yet manages to maintain a distinctively chic and contemporary design that is true to the Harry Winston aesthetic enthusiasts revere. The way that the movement works is by using what is called a “satellite hour” display. On the three small blocks there are four numerals. These blocks rotate in order to indicate the time. The entire wheel to which the blocks are connected rotates as well, creating a three-dimensional display system. The current hour is shown on the block aligned with an arrow pointing to the minute, on one of the largest retrograde minute indicators in the industry, angled at 120 degrees. The Opus V also has a 120-hour power reserve, day/night indicator and a second unique feature known as a service indicator on the back of the watch that graduates from 0 to 5 years to let the owner know when their time piece needs to be taken to Harry Winston for its regular service.

Opus 6

White gold: $479,000; limited to 6 pieces

For the Opus 6, Harry Winston decided to dance with GreubelForsey to see what kind of technological marvel they could choreograph together. Having worked on the IWC Grand Complication, Greubel had both the mastery and resume to help write the next chapter in the Opus series. Where in the past the Opus watches were synonymous with complicated and intricate designs, the sixth installment would be more about precision and purity. Greubel used his revolutionary movement called the Emotion 30 to make his double 44mm one-minute tourbillons even more accurate. By angling the movement at 30 degrees, the balance oscillates constantly in all planes, which provides for greater precision in keeping time. What makes this watch appear so clean is that Greubel was able to succeed in hiding the gears by layering them and placing them off center beneath the bridge which covers the right side of the dial. The result allows the angled tourbillons to take center stage. In order to keep with the concept of a pure design, the hours, minutes, and seconds are given in circular displays at 3 and 11 o’clock.

Opus 7

White Gold: $218,700; limited to 50 pieces

For the Opus 7, Harry Winston and Andreas Strehler put their minds together to explore the philosophy, “It is complicated to be simple.” In this horological pilgrimage, Andreas developed a watch able to display the hours, minutes and power reserve with no hands and only one display disc activated by pressing in the crown. Pressing the crown in once will cause the disc to align the white numbers with the triangular marker located at 10 o’clock. Pressing the crown in a second time causes the disc to match the blue numbers with the marker to indicate the minutes. Pressing the crown in a third time ingeniously reveals how much of the 60 hour power reserve is remaining by the same set of numbers used to identify the minutes. The bridge work on the watch dauntlessly flows across the dial in the shape of a butterfly inspired by the art nouveau movement. The impressive watch comes in a large 45 mm case.