Martin Katz – Modern day Midas

From my earliest days as an assistant salesman at the luxury jewelry salon Laykin et Cie at I. Magnin, I began my love affair with vintage jewelry. After starting my own business, my passion for vintage pieces grew until I was met with the frustration of being unable to find pieces in the style I loved, which led me to start designing pieces of my own. That was met with great success, and today I am better known for my original designs than my vintage pieces.

“I designed the world’s first $1 million perfume bottle for DKNY’s new Golden Delicious fragrance.”

By bejeweling Sharon Stone after she had completed Basic Instinct I became the first independent jeweler to be seen on the red carpet. Over the years I have jeweled over 500 Hollywood celebrities and my jewelry has been seen in every major magazine, even gracing the covers of many, including Town & Country, W, and Vogue. Today, I have stores in Beverly Hills, Rancho Santa Fe, California, a boutique in Bergdorf Goodman, New York and a satellite store in Moscow.

While I’ve explored countless combinations and creations, hundreds of which have adorned the stars of the silver screen, some of my most influential pieces are those that haven’t been on display in any of my stores.