A Day in the Life : Jordi Mollà

“It is like an artistic explosion, and still always is for me,” he said of his many creative outlets. “I’m inspired by throwing out any darkness that is inside of me. For me, art cures.”

With striking eyes, a contagious laugh and an undeniable passion for life, Mollà continues to inspire and create work that impresses his followers worldwide. He’s written two novels, acted in countless movies including Blow, a fan-favorite also starring Johnny Depp, exhibited his art in galleries around the world, such as Sotheby’s Gallery in Madrid, and just finished directing the film 88.

Mollà recently starred in Colombiana with actress Zoe Saldana, and is in the process of developing another script and roles in both Spain and Italy. He also has an art exhibition coming up with artist Domingo Zapata in Miami. Mollà gives Haute Living a peek inside one of his busy days and how he stays focused on his art.

8:00 AM

After waking up I take my vitamins and eat fruit or sometimes, bread with garlic, which is good for your health. But if I am in good company, the first thing I do is make love. It’s a very good way to start the day.

9:00 AM

I like to go for a walk to refresh my mind and wake up my body. In LA, my house is surrounded by churches and there are no cars so it’s really nice to just walk around before I go home to check my emails from Spain, which have been coming in all night.

10:00 AM

At this time, I like to read scripts or write because I have more clarity in the morning. When I wake up, some of my best ideas come to mind so I put my phone on silent for a few hours so I can focus on my work.

1:00 PM

I often go to lunch meetings with my agent, a gallerist or a casting director, but if not, I stay at home and prepare my own food because I love to cook. I’m great at pasta, fish and nice salads.

2:00 PM

Since I am from Spain, once the morning has gone, I like to take a nap while falling asleep to black and white movies. It feels less lonely. There is a comfort in hearing their voices, like when you’re a child and your mother tells you a story before bedtime.

3:00 PM

At this point of the day, my body is the most awake so I like to spend time painting in my studio. Sometimes my work requires a lot of physical energy, since I like to paint large pieces. I enjoy listening to music while I’m inspired and creating art.

4:00 PM

I don’t like big muscles, but it’s important to stay healthy and fit so I like to go running or to the gym for about an hour. My after-workout shower is always a fantastic moment. While walking back from the gym, I take a moment to meditate about the day and my future.

6:00 PM

I usually have dinner plans with a casting director or friends. I don’t like to go to bed really late and typically return to my home

around midnight.

12:00 AM

For the last part of my day, I prepare a nice gin and tonic, light a candle, watch some of a movie or take a look at my art one last time, and smoke a cigarette before I go to sleep. It’s a relaxing ritual before bed.