World’s First Carbon Neutral Yacht

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Sauter Carbon Offset Design brings to you the world’s first “carbon neutral yacht.”  The Emax Excalibur’s unique fly-bridge features include a photo-voltaic exoskeleton that can produce and return enough energy per year to offset up to 3,000 nautical miles.  The Emax Propulsion System releases hybrid diesel power by combining the VW Marine 350TDI v8 and GM Allison duel mode hybrid transmission- a groundbreaking first step in the maritime industry.  The overall length of the yacht is 22 meters with a 5 meter beam. Draught is 0.9m and displacement is 38 tons.  The hull is made of Epoxy Carbon Kevlar Composite with fuel at 3,000 liters. 2xV8 VWTDI350 Emax Propulsion and 2x350Kx GM Allison Hybrid Transmission Power, and a max speed of 30 knots, just to name some specifics. There will be 3 double and 1 single cabin on board.