Torino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phones make Haute Toy

The new limited edition Torino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme diamond cell phone is the ultimate high tech accessory. The Italian-Swiss designed phone has a stainless steel body with a sleek, vertically tapered formation. Its casing is studded to perfection with a 7.8 carats of American diamonds throughout, complimented by the centered Lamborghini monogram in opulent yellow gold. To add flavor to opulence, the battery cover is a crocodile leather print, available in black or white. The front cover is a scratch resistant, dust free sapphire crystal.

The supreme diamond series is available in limited quantities of 300, with 2 models; the S650 and the S660. The S650 model boasts 2.5 carat diamonds and a black leather back at $10,000. The S660 features 5.9 carat diamonds, and a crocodile leather back at $16,419.