Q&A with Designers Shivan and Narresh

Shivan and Narresh are the designers behind India’s first luxury beach wear brand. This dynamic twosome have been the recipients of many awards, including the Swarovski Creative Designer of the Year (NIFT Delhi ) award in 2007. They were Brand Ambassadors to Cotton Council International in 2009-2010. With over five years under their belt in the fashion business; Shivan and Narresh are no new comers to the industry.

Their bold, vibrant, and creative designs have begun to catch on in the U.S, including being on Elle Magazines Power List in 2010. They recently made their debut into the U.S market at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami. I got a chance to chat with Narresh, one half of the designer duo.

Q: You just recently wrapped up at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami. How was it?

A: It was really nice. For us it our first experience in America. ING has been very supportive right from the beginning, which is the reason why we came all the way from India to Miami for fashion week. It was really incredible for us to be there.

Q: That’s awesome. Congrats on that career landmark.

A: Thank you

Q: How did you and your business partner originally meet?

A: We actually met through my ex-girlfriend (laughs). We studied together, we met while we were both studying fashion in New Dehli. At the National Institute of Fashion Technology. I was specializing in Fashion and Shivan in leather design. After graduation we moved to Italy to do our masters and then we started working together and got into a business relationship.

Q: What’s your creative process like when you are working together?

A: Both of us are extremely individualistic people. We both have very distinct ideas when it comes to design. Having said that; things that he is good at, I am not so good at. We are total opposites. When it comes to design and conceptualizing the collection we sit down together. Shivan is really good at illustrating. He puts the entire collection on paper after we have gone through and conceptualized it. And then I do the part of pulling in the color and the surface treatment of the collection. He’s not very strong with color, but I am very strong with color. So that’s how we have it worked out between us. Shivan is obsessed with details. I’m much more of a larger scale person, so it all kind of falls into place. We know exactly what we are good it and we try to step into the other ones shoes. So it all falls into place each season.

Q: This is your first entry into the U.S market, but you have already been recognized by the press here for your work. Including Elle Magazine’s power list of 2010. Do you think having already received recognition for your work in the U.S made the transition into market easier?

A: Yes, it’s evitable to enter the market with press on your side. Press makes it so much easier to reach out to your consumers. We are very lucky that the press has been very kind to us and appreciating what we do. I’m really thankful for that.

Q: As your presence in the U.S grows do you think you will continue to stay based out of New Dehli or would you consider headquartering your business out of the U.S?

A: I wouldn’t mind relocating or having an office in the U.S. It makes logical sense to have an office here as things continue to grow.

Q: When you aren’t traveling or working. How do you like to spend your down time?

A: Quite honestly it’s been a while since we have had nothing to do (laughs). But when we do have free time, I think catching up with movies is a great creative thing to do. Going to the waters is always fun and getting a swim.

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today.

A: Thank you, it was my pleasure.

For more information on Shivan and Nareesh visit http://shrivannarresh.com/