A Taste of the Hamptons in Jakarta

If you’re prone to feeling homesick when you travel, finding a local spot dedicated to your beloved stomping grounds can be a wonderful travel discovery. For those who call the Hamptons home, there’s a place in Jakarta, Indonesia, where you can experience all the sweet luxuries of the home while abroad.

The Hamptons Café in Jakarta is a new café that offers a warm, homey and luxurious atmosphere inspired by New York’s Hamptons. The café has a bar on the first floor that serves bite-sized pastries such as canapés, tartlets and petit four. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can also try their popular chicken Cordon Bleu, burger steak or even something from their pasta selection.

According to one of their managers, “The name of the café illustrates not only the luxury of the region itself, but also the kind of lifestyle the people have in the area. When we decided to open the café, we were inspired by the homes in the Hamptons, where people like to have cocktail parties and canapés are they kind of food they usually serve.”

One major difference? The prices. A treat at the Hamptons Café in Jakarta only costs around $1.

Source: Curbed Hamptons